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Arceneaux Park Redevelopment

The redevelopment of Arceneaux Park coordinates with the Envision Downtown Broussard project in the City of Broussard. These efforts encompass beautification, functionality, and accessibility, all to increase quality of life for Broussard residents. 

For decades, Arceneaux Park was the primary place for Broussard residents to play recreational sports. Today, Broussard has St. Julien Park - a premium, state-of-the art sports complex. The addition of the new park literally "set the stage" for Arceneaux Park to be transformed into a multi-use park for concerts, festivals, public and private gatherings, fundraising events, recreational walking trails, exercise stations, a playground, and more. 

This redevelopment project is still in the planning phases and a charette is planned in the near future for residents to learn more about the project and to provide input on what amenities they would like to see at Arceneaux Park. Of course, new park amenities may provide for private funding opportunities and legacy creation. This is where the Broussard Chamber Foundation and our donors may be able to partner on this project. 

Please contact Stacy Romero, Foundation President, or Jody Soileau, Development Director for BCF, at 337-837-6001 to get more information as this project is going to start developing quickly. 

Arceneaux Park.jpg

Arceneaux Park as it exists today, waiting for redevelopment.

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