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Lemonade Day Acadiana

Help us empower today's youth to be tomorrow's entrepreneurs!

Our mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of lemonade stand at a time!

Next event is:

July 2024

Thank you, Sponsors!

Lemonade Day Acadiana 2023 was made possible by these sponsors:

About Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day is a free, fun, experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own, and operate their own business - a lemonade stand.

The foremost objective of Lemonade Day is to empower youth to take ownership of their lives and become productive members of society - the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward thinking citizens of tomorrow. 

Each child that registers receives access to the Lemonade Day curriculum that teaches them lessons like creating budgets, setting profit-making goals, serving customers, repaying investors, and giving back to the community. Along the way, they acquire skills in goal setting, problem solving, and gain self-esteem critical for future success. They keep all the money they make and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some.

Lemonade Day is a national organization based in Houston, Texas and currently serves 90 communities in 3 different countries. The program has served more than 1.5 million kids to date and generated $270 million in profit, which is kept by the participating kids. 

The Acadiana Story

Lemonade Day Acadiana was licensed in 2022 and our first event had 59 kids register from across Acadiana, with some participants from as far away as Alexandria, Louisiana. This first event was so successful that our event chairperson and organizer, Natasha Bryan, was recognized at the Lemonade Day National Conference for "The Best City Engagement". 

2023 Lemonade Day Acadiana Recap by Rooted Consulting

2022 Event Pictures

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Become a sponsor of Lemonade Day Acadiana! You will be supporting a great cause and promoting your business at the same time. Click the link and fill out the form to have someone contact you to see how we can work together.



Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you. Your donations go towards providing valuable life lessons to our Lemonade Day kids and making Broussard Chamber Foundation an even better Non-Profit Organization. 



It is absolutely true that giving back and being a part of Broussard Chamber Foundation’s work will not only improve the lives of so many but bring you a sense of unparalleled satisfaction. Mentor a youth, distribute program materials to schools, or help on the day of the event.  Click the link below:

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Contributions to Lemonade Day Acadiana are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Mail or Hand-Deliver Checks to:

Broussard Chamber Foundation

Attn: Lemonade Day Acadiana

108 Broad View Drive,

Broussard, LA 70518

Print, complete, and submit this form with payment:

Natasha Bryan, Chairperson


Jody Soileau

Development Director



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